Am Bach, Landshut: Location & Surroundings

Stepped in history, traditional and cosmopolitan – that’s Landshut. As early as 1204, Duke Ludwig of Bavaria began to build the castle and the city of Landshut.

Landshut – a great mixture of traditional and modern elements

Over the course of the centuries, the city gained wealth and political significance. Numerous prominent figures from the fields of arts and science contributed to this development. Today, Landshut is a modern city and a significant economic factor with currently about 70.000 citizens. It is characterized by a lively coexistence of historic structure and charming alleys.

Renowned large companies as well as high-performing small and medium-sized enterprises form the city’s economically strong backbone. The own trade fair center, the connection to the A92, the railway station, the region’s shopping focal point and the up-and-coming university site (“Schulstadt”) are further evidences for future-oriented location advantages. According to expert judgment, Landshut is ranking among the few constantly growing cities in Germany.

Living in Landshut – urban lifestyle meets enjoyment of nature

Viewed from the new residential area, the flood channel of the Isar (a popular destination for walkers and nature lovers) is located in the west and the city center in the east of Landshut. The Brauneckweg marks the northern, the idyllic Klötzlmühlbach stream the southern border of the building area.

In addition, the open spaces along the stream will become public green recreation areas for the citizens with pedestrian and bike paths. In the long run, a further bike route is planned in the form of a non-stop connection between the flood channel and the city center.

The cultural offerings are multifaceted

Every four years, the famous historic Landshut Wedding is celebrated within a big festival that comprises about 2,400 costumed participants who bring back the splendor of the late Middle Ages. The “International Town Spectacle” annually gathers the world’s best street performers, magicians and comedians within a magnificent show in the historic city center. The “Landshut Festival of Royal Court Music”, various art exhibitions, museums, theaters and a lot of sights make the life in Landshut both entertaining and exciting.

Landshut – a city of sports

First of all, Landshut is a city of ice hockey. There is hardly anybody who does not know the legendary player Erich Kühnhackl, to whom the local club gave rise among others. Football, handball and basketball are also being played at a high competitive level; and not to forget the track sport with its own speedway stadium. For those who want to be active themselves, there are almost no limitations: sports venues, leisure facilities, parks, green spaces and nearby recreation areas – everybody gets his money worth here.

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