Baywobau Rental Service

We rent out for you.
Would you like to rent out your condominium or your home?
Our full-service rental service is in the position to help you!!

We are available to meet and discuss the present market conditions to help you stay ahead of the market.

• We will handle the search for prospective tenants. We will arrange and attend the visits.
• We will obtain information about the tenant and verify the credit history (a vital step!).
• We will draft a rental agreement (on the basis of the contract templates used by our company) which takes your requirements into consideration.
• We will handle the acceptances and/or deliveries of your property. These form a foundation for ensuring and maintaining the good condition of your property.

All of these services save you time, money, and particularly avoid aggravation. In addition, you can rest assured that you did the right thing. The rental market, in particular the applicable case law, is subject to continuous changes and amendments. As a result, detailed knowledge of the market is a basic requirement for operating in accordance with the legal requirements.

a frost gr
Alexandra Frost


phone: +49 89 286 50 - 219
fax: +49 89 286 50 - 100

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Gabriele Ahrens


phone: + 49 351 876 03 - 32
fax: + 49 351 876 03 - 66

Andrea Lauff


phone: + 49 30 39 88 17 - 0
fax: + 49 30 39 88 17 - 20