Beethoven Park, Neusäß/Augsburg: Location & Surroundings

With the town of Neusäß having developed into a sought-after location thanks to its economic and financial prosperity, there is a high demand for attractive housing. Due to the fact that Neusäß is part of the economic location A3, which is characterized by key technologies, the town can not only legitimately pride itself on a substantial financial strength but also on its citizens’ markedly high spending power, which is one of the highest in Bavaria and well above the national average.

The prevailing mixture of diverse industries, including numerous medium-sized and small businesses from the fields of trade, craft, manufacturing industry and services, constitutes an additional positive factor regarding the economical and financial strength of Neusäß and its citizens.

With around 21.000 residents, Neusäß is currently the second largest town in the administrative district of Augsburg. This number is expected to increase especially because of the nearby Augsburg Central Hospital’s upgrade into a University Hospital (2018). It is just about 400 meters (as the crow flies) away from Neusäß and ranks among the region’s big employers. Following the hospital’s upgrade, the numerous new buildings,the increasing number of staff members and the high attraction on companies from the fields of medical informatics and environmental medicine will lead to an even higher demand and many prospective tenants.

Living at Beethoven Park: Close to nature with all urban advantages

The favorable location between the city of Augsburg and the Nature Park “Westliche Wälder” as well as the local Schmuttertal, Kobelwald and Lohwald make Neusäß a highly attractive place for living. With combining both lush nature and convenient urban structures, it attracts the city-liver and the nature enthusiast as well.

In addition, Neusäß scores points with an extensive range of childcare facilities and comes up with numerous educational institutions.

A varied range of activities awaits the Beethoven Park’s new residents

Enterprising or living in close touch with nature – with a condominium at Beethoven Park you can enjoy both.

Within walking distance, there are the “Lohwald” and “Kobelwald” recreation areas for relaxation. In addition, there a various game, sports and leisure venues in the surroundings.

The apartments are conveniently located with direct access to the A8 motorway and good connections to the B2 and B17 national roads. Mobility is enhanced by trains, buses and trams. The city of Munich can be reached from Augsburg central station within 36 minutes by train (ICE).

Furthermore, the town of Neusäß provides its citizens with a varied range of cultural activities and events that includes, for example, traditional folk and town festivals as well as seasonal open-air markets.
Residents have access to diverse shopping facilities, ranging from small shops to large shopping centers. Thus, a varied and stress-free supply is guaranteed.

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