Brandts Gärten: Location & Surroundings

The Gohlis-Süd district gives the city of Leipzig charm and magic. The people who live here care about a living environment which includes spaces for both conviviality and individuality. It is a place where live architects, lawyers, artists, merchants, fashion designers and managers.  

Our modern town house, surrounded by the pleasant ambience of the suburban residential area, is only 15 minutes away from the centre of Leipzig, one of the biggest cities in East Germany. “Brandts Gärten” property, built on one of the last available construction plots, is encircled by town houses, listed 19th century buildings and refurbished 20th century properties.  

When living here, you will enjoy the calmness of an extraordinary residential area. The gardens of “Gohliser Gartenverein” gardeners’ association in “Brandts Aue” are only a few minutes away. In the near “Rosental” recreation area, you can enjoy relaxation and activities in the pure air of the wooded parklands with your family.  

In the vicinity of “Brandts Gärten” property there are numerous excellent restaurants and for cultural and art experiences you find within walking distance “Schiller Haus” and “Gohliser Schlösschen” culture venues.  

Given that there are several day nurseries, elementary schools and secondary schools in the immediate neighbourhood, the residential area around “Herloßsohnstraße” attracts many young families. Enjoy it, too.

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