Private apartments in Augsburg/Neusäß

What is a private apartment so sought after in Augsburg?

The university city in southwest Bavaria with approximately 280,000 inhabitants has a lot to offer its residents. The third largest city in Bavaria features a splendid historic city centre, fantastic shopping opportunities and plenty of restaurants, bars and beer gardens. Moreover, the Augsburg Zoo, museums, galleries, theatres and many options for recreation and sports provide a high quality of living.  

Augsburg, known as a green city, is home to a large number of public gardens, parks and green areas which provide peace and quiet and the opportunity to relax in many parts of the city. The ten-hectare Botanical Garden is particularly inviting and includes areas such as a Japanese garden, farmhouse garden and a medicinal plant garden. In terms of infrastructure, Augsburg is in an excellent position: the motorway A8 connects the city with Munich and Stuttgart as the main highway. Various direct connections are available to Augsburg-West, Augsburg-Ost (east) and also to suburbs such as Neusäß. It is easy to get around in the city by bus and tram thanks to the well-developed network operated by the transport association AVV (Augsburger Verkehrsbund).

Augsburg’s cityscape
The districts of the city have merged together over the decades, yet their individual architectural style and character have been largely preserved. The city's construction planning has always been cautious, which has resulted in the restauration of many buildings in the city’s historic centre, yet there are very few underground parking facilities or lifts. As a result, the demand is increasing for modern private apartments which offer precisely those features.  

Residential areas have been changing recently due to the integration of factory sites and tradesmen’s houses. There are hardly any high-rises or dominant new buildings. As a whole, Augsburg is composed of public squares located in close proximity to one another, lots of green as well as distinctive office buildings, townhouses and residential buildings.  

Yet the city of Augsburg is not alone in providing interesting and attractive residential areas. The demand is also increasing in suburban areas such as Neusäß. It is a town that successfully unites an idyllic country atmosphere with urban Augsburg living.

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