Real estate as retirement planning

An overview of our real estate in Munich and its surrounding area

'If one thing is certain- the pension!' German citizens knew back in 1986 that this promise made by German Minister of Labour Norbert Blüm was no longer believable. What has unfortunately proven to be more true is the version of Blüm’s quote which was modified to mean the opposite by the German newspaper Tageszeitung in 2006: 'If one thing is certain: pensions are decreasing.' Major shifts in demographics over the last few decades in Germany have resulted in a decreasing number of contributors having to finance an increasing number of pensioners. To protect yourself from poverty in retirement is to invest in real estate for retirement planning. Independence from company or government run pension schemes and from deteriorating pension funds can be secured with retirement planning based on real estate, ensuring carefree golden years thanks to a comfortable financial nest egg.

Private real estate for retirement planning presents a lucrative opportunity for capital investment. In contrast to stock transactions, funds or capital bank investments, real estate investments offer additional advantages: