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Get to know the Königspark in Dresden Loschwitz. Watch this fascinating video from a bird's eye view of the new and listed buildings of Königspark.


House Königin Amalie - Königspark, Loschwitz: Location & Surroundings


The city casts an eternal spell over everyone who has seen it.  

The artistic and cultural life of the city of Dresden is literally at your feet, since the borough of “Loschwitz”, which includes “KÖNIGSPARK” residential area, overlooks the banks of river “Elbe”.

On the slopes of the “Elbe” Valley, there are numerous listed villas and modern homes. Around the historic “Körnerplatz” square, you can find a wealth of restaurants and cafés, small arts and crafts work shops, galleries and stores.

“Loschwitz” is one of the most popular and attractive boroughs of Dresden. There are many places from where you can enjoy stunning, unobstructed views over the “Elbe” valley and the inner city. This is why this residential area is one the most sought-after locations in the Saxon capital.  

In the immediate vicinity of “KÖNIGSPARK” residential area, you can relax and take a deep breath in “Dresdner Heide” recreation area. Within the scope of extensive walks, hikes or bicycle tours, you can discover a lot of new favorite places here. If you prefer urban life, you can get to Dresden downtown with its wide variety of boutiques, shopping streets and shopping malls within a few minutes.

Numerous sights, such as “Brühlsche Terrasse” park, “Grünes Gewölbe” museum, “Albertinum” museum, “Frauenkirche” church, “Zwinger” castle and the bustling new town – among countless other attractions – can be discovered in and around Dresden within the scope of trips throughout the whole year.

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