Kurfürsten-Logen: Location & Surroundings


Being a side street of “Kurfürstendamm” boulevard, “Albrecht-Achilles-Straße” street provides an excellent living environment and a very dense network of facilities catering to all daily needs. “Kurfürstendamm” boulevard, the pulsating heart of Berlin, is crossed by numerous highly attractive streets, combining residential buildings, offices and a fine “highly concentrated” mix of shops, restaurants, hotels and service providers of all kinds.

Given the excellent infrastructure in the neighbourhood, including doctor’s practices and health care institutions as well as cultural and recreational facilities, the resident finds everything, which he or she may need, within a short walking distance. The time savings ensuing from this proximity are an invaluable “luxury” for the residents in this prime location in “Wilmersdorf-Charlottenburg” district

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