Brochures of Baywobau

The Financing Catalog (German only)

Brochure Financing CatalogReal estate knowledge: Government subsidies? Financing? Tax advantages? The new "Baywobay Financing Catalog" addresses all issues relating to buying and selling real estate. After being put on hold for a number of years, the catalog is now available in its tenth updated edition and also takes into consideration the latest case law. The catalog, a reference book for home builders, buyers or sellers of condominiums, or sellers of properties, can be ordered for a nominal charge of 10 Euro.

Order: Der Finanzierungskatalog

Real Estate as Retirement Arrangement (German only)

Brochure Real Estate as Retirement ArrangementThe Baywobau brochure "Real Estate as Retirement Arrangement" provides you with a reference book, the 2nd edition of which contains various changes and a number of new chapters. If you review the current situation relating to pensions and consider the building blocks and the alternatives to your private retirement arrangements, you require comprehensive information for your decision making. This also refers to the property which you can inhabit without paying rent as pensioner or the property which ensures additional income from rent. The brochure can be ordered for a nominal charge of 10 Euro.

Order: Die Immobilie als Altersversorgung

Proper Living (German only)

Brochure Proper LivingEach buyer or rental customer of Baywobau receives the brochure "Proper Living" which contains extensive information for maintaining, servicing, and operating the home or condominium.

As is the case with your car, your new home or your new apartment can contain highly technical equipment: Proper operation, maintenance, and care of this equipment are required in order to ensure its functioning for the years to come. A building also requires a period of adjustment to being used as residence and requires inspections at regular intervals.