Exceptional living

In Haus König August

The striking curves of the outside staircase on the gable end give the building its elegant appearance, which is also reflected in the multifaceted floor plans.

A unique feature is provided by the fitness and sauna areas of the generous maisonettes on the ground floor. An interesting living space design was developed for the historic rooms of the dining hall. Some of the apartments feature exceptional galleries, which stylishly unite the past with the demands of modern living comfort. In total, the 'Haus König August' comprises 18 private apartments.

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Along the banks of the Elbe, numerous listed mansions stand beside modern detached houses, and the historical square Körnerplatz has become home to an array of inviting restaurants and cafés, as well as small artisan establishments, galleries and shops.

Loschwitz is one of the most popular as well as most beautiful districts in Dresden. From many places, it offers an impressive and unobstructed view over the Elbe Valley to the city centre. That is what makes this residential area one of the most sought-after locations in the capital city of Saxony.

In the immediate vicinity of 'Königspark', you can enjoy the fresh air in the local Dresden Heath and discover new favourite spots during extended walks, hikes or bike tours. Should you prefer more urban surroundings, you can reach the city centre and its various boutiques, shopping streets and shopping centres in just a few minutes’ drive.

The Brühlsche Terrasse (Brühl's Terrace) historical ensemble, Grünes Gewölbe museum (Green Vault), Albertinum, the Frauenkirche church, Dresdner Zwinger palace as well as the vibrant Neustadt and countless other attractions in Dresden and its surroundings are inviting destinations all year long.

Modern comfort in a historic monument

The listed building structure, select materials and contemporary interior finish are perfectly harmonised in the 'Haus König August' to create a particularly stylish atmosphere.

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