Social commitment

Part of the action

Beyond our business activities, we are also aware of our social responsibility. As a result, the success of our company benefits not only our clients and partners, but also people with disabilities and those who suffer hardship through no fault of their own.

Disability sports sponsorship

We have been supporting the wheelchair basketball and wheelchair dance teams of the USC Universitäts-Sportclub München e. V. club since as far back as 1981. By providing financial support for club and sponsoring activities – for buying club shirts for example – our aim is to make an active contribution to promoting USC, whose athletes deserve our respect for their passion and performance.

With commitment and team spirit, the USC München basketball team are distinguished German record champions. Having won fourteen German Championships and eight cup victories, they are the most successful wheelchair basketball club in Germany. USC also has numerous international players in their teams, such as Johanna Welin, Sebastian Magenheim and Sercan Ismail. In wheelchair dance sport as well, USC has performed impressively for more than forty years. Especially in standard, Latin, freestyle or rock'n'roll dance tournaments, the Munich dancers have been extremely successful.

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Active for Munich residents

Munich needs to be liveable for everyone in the city. That is the aim declared by the foundation 'Wir helfen München' (We Help Munich), which Baywobau supports as one of its active members. It should not be forgotten that Munich is also home to people who suffer hardship through no fault of their own and who are in need of help from others – young and old, families and children.

With long-term support programmes in the greater Munich area, the foundation is able to ease people’s fates, individually and without red tape. Every funding initiative is decided on by the governing board of the foundation, which is advised by a board of trustees. Baywobau’s Managing Director Alexander Hofmann is a member of their board of trustees, thereby personally demonstrating his strong ties to the city of Munich.

Further information about the foundation 'Wir helfen München' can be found at

Supporters of the TUM Architecture Museum

Baywobau endorses the important work performed by the Architecture Museum of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in the 'Pinakothek der Moderne'. For example, financial means are made available for exhibitions and publications, grants are provided for collector’s items and youth work is promoted. By the way, the architecture museum is the best-visited institution of its kind in Germany. In 2016, the museum set a new record with four exhibitions which attracted a total of 120,000 visitors.