Apartment in Freising

An overview of the apartments in Freising

Are you interested in an apartment in Freising? Have you ever considered purchasing a private apartment in this modest yet vibrant city with such a rich tradition?

Freising is an extremely popular city in Munich’s surrounding area. It is a place where young families feel particularly at home. An array of jobs are available in the area, provided by numerous large companies such as the airport or the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan.

What makes an apartment in Freising so attractive?
The city of Freising is a cultural, economic and political centre and home to several outposts of the Technical University of Munich, a university with an outstanding reputation, and also has excellent connections to public transport to Munich. By car, you can also quickly reach the airport and the A92 autobahn. Freising, as an educational powerhouse, also is a city that supports its young. It boasts more than twenty preschools, many day nurseries and several primary schools, secondary schools and grammar schools. There is also a diverse range of sports and recreation options for the entire family.

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