Real estate in Pasing-Obermenzing

The Bavarian capital city: truly something special

Numerous arguments speak for the appeal of the city. Its unparalleled location is one of them. That includes its proximity to mountains and lakes as well as to popular holiday destinations, such as Italy or Croatia. Interesting companies also attract people to Munich. And not least, there is also the Bavarian culture of which Munich residents are particularly proud. The city also stands for cleanliness, safety, low crime rates and, above all, for a high quality of living.

Pasing-Obermenzing: a district with charm
Pasing and Obermenzing have been registered as the 21st urban district since 1992. This urban district encompasses two quarters that could not possibly be more different from one another. Pasing is described as the most lively and vibrant district in the west of Munich. Whether for shopping or cultural acitvities, there’s always something on offer. Pasing is also well connected in terms of public transport. In contrast, Obermenzing is far calmer and more rural. The city park and exclusive residential area characterise its urban landscape. Around the village-like heart of the town, you primarily find detached and semi-detached homes. Families particularly like to settle down here. The district has a balanced social structure and a low unemployment rate. Due to its large green areas, it is also known as a district with garden city character and is particularly suited for private apartments. It also offers inviting strolls along the river Würm or in the park of the Blutenburg Castle. 
Something the inhabitants particularly appreciate is the warm and friendly social interaction among Pasing’s residents. 
All in all, the combination of city and nature puts the Pasing-Obermenzing urban district in a unique position. For these reasons, real estate in Pasing and Obermenzing is in great demand.

Real estate in Pasing-Obermenzing from Baywobau

Betwenn Peter-Anders- and Berduxstraße, two properties are emerging:anders wohnen 3andanders wohnen 4from Baywobau with two to four room apartments with living areas from 41 m² to 118 m². Private apartments in Pasing with style. Every apartment features its own private outdoor space. With a terrace and garden, a recessed balcony or even a rooftop terrace - this is a place where you can truly relax.

Baywobau is a traditional, family-run company and has stood for expertise, reliability and experience for more than 50 years. Our quality of construction and prestigious interior finish are unique and make it all the easier for many to decide to buy. 
München, Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin are our company locations. We offer highly attractive real estate in each of the cities and their surrounding areas. New build apartments, from compact to spacious, as well as modern commercial properties are all on offer. We have completed a long list of development projects, thus proving to be reliable partners for our clients.

Are you interested in real estate in Pasing-Obermenzing? Regardless of whether it is for you to live in or an investment to secure your future, we would be happy to share more information about private apartments in Pasting-Obermenzing!