Commission-free apartments in Munich

An overview of our real estate in Munich and its surrounding area

With a broad assortment of recreational activities to offer, a high standard of living and its unforgettable flair, Munich is one of Germany’s most popular big cities - which also means the price per square metre is anything but cheap. The apartment prices in Bavaria’s beautiful capital city have been well above average for quite some time. Would you like to save on additional costs when buying an apartment by purchasing a commission-free apartment in Munich? Then Baywobau is the perfect company for you.

Estate agents are often hired in the Munich real estate industry to successfully sell or rent residential property and offer their assistance to those looking for an apartment. As a result, working with an estate agent also increases the cost of real estate. A way to avoid such costs is to purchase an apartment directly from the developer.

That is precisely why Baywobau almost exclusively offers commission-free apartments in Munich.

Commission-free apartments in Munich - without estate agent fees
We market our rental and private apartments in Munich commission-free and directly, without going through any third parties. We have a multitude of exclusive, attractive apartments to offer in Munich’s most sought-after districts and also in its immediate vicinity and surrounding areas.

Let our commission-free apartments in Munich and its surroundings speak for themselves: intelligent floor plans, premium construction according to the latest standards and advantageous transport connections to Munich’s sophisticated infrastructure can be found in all of our residential properties.

We currently have three properties right in Munich: 'anders wohnen' and 'anders wohnen 3+4' in Pasing/Obermenzing and 'FÜRST' in Laim. Further attractive residential properties in the surrounding area can be found in Landshut with 'Am Bach' and in Neusäß near Augsburg with 'Beethoven Park 6'.

Baywobau is the ideal point of contact if you are looking for a commission-free apartment in Munich! Please get in touch with us by phone or email – we would be happy to provide information and offer our assistance should you have questions or concerns.

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