New build apartments in Munich

An overview of our new build apartments in Munich and its surrounding area

The benefits of new build apartments in Munich

As one of Germany’s most beautiful big cities, Munich's appeal not only lies in its interesting mixture of architecture, friendly residents and a charm all of its own; the diverse range of recreational activities, excellent educational and job training opportunities and large labour market have motivated an increasing number of individuals to look for an apartment in Munich. As a result, the city’s rent prices are skyrocketing with no end in sight. A disadvantage presented by older rental apartments is obvious: you invest in a property month after month without any stable value in return and the apartment remains the landlord’s property. Moreover, old apartments in Munich are usually not able to keep up with the standards set by newly built apartments in terms of quality of living.

New build apartments in Munichoffer key benefits compared to older buildings. The new build apartments from Baywobau comply with the latest building standards: intelligent insulation in the apartment walls and floors, thermally insulated windows and modern heating systems help you keep heating costs low. In contrast to older apartments, new build apartments also feature a contemporary layout: the bathrooms most often boast spacious dimensions instead of being limited to the basics, and the general division of space creates a bright and inviting atmosphere. The essential telephone and internet connections are always fitted properly instead of dealing with the hassle of needing to retrofit them. 

That being said, new build apartments in Munich are scarce:
finding a new apartment in a good location can sometimes seem impossible. The project developer Baywobau, with its offices in Munich, Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin, stands for quality and a high standard of interior finish in all its properties. Exclusive fittings and furnishings, such as in the residential development 'anders wohnen', as well as high standards of quality are just as important to the project developer Baywobau as ensuring excellent service and customer satisfaction.