Real estate Munich

An overview of our real estate in Munich and its surrounding area

The real estate market in Munich is growing rapidly and has a broad spectrum to offer. Nevertheless, there is a chronic lack of residential properties, which is driving up prices in many urban districts. Those looking for properties in Munich can find it difficult to get their heads around the confusing real estate market and finding the right piece of property can be a struggle.

The location often determines the price of real estate. Real estate in certain boroughs such as Schwabing, Bogenhausen or Lehel are particularly popular, which is why properties in need of refurbishment and located on main roads are often still sold at very high prices. However in less expensive urban districts, such as Trudering, prices are also on the rise.

The property’s micro-location plays the biggest role. For example, how are the direct transport links? Are there shops and services nearby to satisfy daily and regular needs? Is the property on a low-traffic side street? Are there options for local recreation nearby? What kind of furnishings and fittings does the house or apartment feature? As positive answers to these factors add up, so does the demand for that property in Munich – even if the location is not very central. Should you decide to buy real estate in Munich, the micro-location could be one of the most decisive factors in making the purchase. It can also be helpful to keep an eye out for barrier-free features as well as properties that are suitable even in old age.

Real estate in Munich from Baywobau
As a family-run company rich in tradition, the developer Baywobau has more than 50 years of experience and expertise to offer. As a leading real estate company, Baywobau is your expert for both residential and commercial properties in Munich.

If you have decided to purchase a private apartment in Munich, Baywobau is the right partner for you. Baywobau offers commission-free consultation and brokerage services from specially appointed estate agents. Baywobau also exclusively offers new build properties for sale, which fulfil cutting-edge standards of construction and feature attractive furnishings and fittings. Moreover, Baywobau private apartments can only be found in sought-after residential locations with excellent transport links and a high level of recreational value.

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